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A few weeks ago we looked at KOLs- Key Opinion Leaders- and reviewed their impact on marketing and communications.
Today we're looking at what benefits they can bring to your strategy.

Targeted and Intuitive
Through social media and digital channels, brands have access to deeper and richer audience profiles and demographics than ever before- even with GDPR coming into force. By identifying the right KOL, a brand can have access to thousands of potential consumers, existing and new, enabling brand managers to target their campaign messages appropriately and deliver more intuitive marketing strategies which directly inform and engage.

Reduced Wastage
I’m a firm believer that marketing must impact on the bottom line. Working within clearly defined parameters of the KOL’s audience and its interests, along with adopting a targeted approach, enables brand managers to scale budgets and deliver relevant content to that audience at the right time. No wastage, efficient use of marketing collateral and better conversions.

They add colour
Through their own inimitable style many KOLs can add to and complement your brand personality. They provide a human face to your values and audiences relate more easily than with a CEO. The audiences connect more quickly, and by association they see your brand in a new, invigorated and different light.

If executed properly a KOL strategy can spread like wild fire and significantly boost sales in the short and long term. Many KOLs create their own ‘branded’ content with unique posts, images and hashtags which delivers immediate engagement in the short ter. Yet through shares, comments and RTs, medium to long term brand exposure is made possible. The speed at which brand messages can be communicated can be achieved in less than <1second- much more effective than waiting for a TV commercial to have its air time agreed and approved.

The benefits of a KOL Strategy do look promising, but is it another buzz word? Or is it a fresh and unique approach to engaging with our ever-diverse audiences? Do let us know.