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Every industry has its jargon terms and the PR world doesn't shy away from them, so here is our jargon buster of some of the most popular terms, so your eyes don't glaze over in the next comms briefing. You're armed and ready!

'Sell-in': a posh term for us picking up the phone, chasing down the editors- often resorting to harmless tactical online stalking- and making sure they read the press release and understand just how important your new widget is to the success of mankind.

'Talk-up': Used to be known as "word of mouth". Getting customers to simply talk about your brand, product or service- whether it's online or in the news. Creating and building conversations so people engage and connect with your brand.

'Delivering ROI': We all know this means Return on Investment, but in marketing terms it's a call to action for sales teams to feedback on the success of a campaign. Even if it elicited no response, just tell us. We're made of sturdy stuff. We simply need to know so we can review, update and shape a new plan of action for the next campaign and bring leads into the business.

'Influencer': Used to be known as a 'customer'. But we've helped them climb the PR social ladder and renamed them to become your holy grail. They're either current or potential customers and its our job to get them talking about you, your products and the service. If they like it, they will tell others and this influence, is the new 'word of mouth'.

'Content': This is a new all-encompassing term for everything we have been creating since the marketing dawn. It's a brochure, press release, infographic, blog, vlog, podcast, whitepaper, presentation.... basically anything we create is now content.

"Polishing it in Glitter": When you can rely on the creative eyes and mind of your marketing team to turn a negative into a positive, a duckling into a swan, a silk purse from a sow's ear... you get the drift...

'Rifle shot': Rather than throwing the mud at the wall and seeing where it sticks, you carefully place the mud on the wall and onto the target. A rifle shot strategy clearly defines who you're targeting, what their watching, surfing, reading or listening to, so your marketing team can deliver the right piece of content to your customers, at the right time.

"Intuitive": We know and understand your audience. This allows us to write and carefully craft and design the right marketing materials, social posts, adverts and press releases with the right messages. So your audiences, sorry influencers, connect with your company, and ultimately buy from you.