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During the Coronavirus lock down we have seen many brands pivot and switch-up their brand investment to deliver campaigns with a sense of social purpose and delivery for the greater good. This may be a short term tactic and the commercial impact for brands who have dug deep and launched campaigns that show they care for the communities and customers they serve, may not be known yet. But in a period where talk is cheap, and authenticity and generosity is valued, there are some brands who have got it right and they might just be ahead of the curve to build long term loyalty.

The high power luxury fashion house with brands like Louis Vuitton to its name, stepped-up and diverted its perfume production to make hand sanitiser. The brand produced thousands of bottles before making the announcement public. It's focus was to help local communities across France where there was shortage of anti-viral products. This was an excellent example of timing and rather than being seen as profiteering from the pandemic, LVMH gained lots of media profile, positive column inches in print and broadcast media, as well as a a gold star for doing good.

2) Pret a Manger
The chain took rapid and decisive action to offer NHS workers free drinks and 50% off its product range. It was also supported by a blog from the CEO expressing thanks which gained positive attention across social media and built viral conversation. This is a solid example of marketing innovation at play where digital tactics and product innovation blend and ensure that the brand continues to deliver against its wider brand promise of supporting local communities. What they say, they believe.

3) Admiral Insurance
Not known for being the most disruptive or progressive industry, but Admiral led the charge by offering its car insurance customers a £25 automatic refund with less claims being made, fewer cars on the road and less accidents during lock down. This has led to other insurances companies now being put under pressure to follow the Admiral lead.

4) Our supermarket retailers
All of our supermarket brands need to be commended for their swift action during Covid-19. Yes supplies of essentials were affected but let's be honest no CEO or Ops Director could predict the stupidity of a few. However they have all made great gains by protecting staff, improving sick pay conditions and offering employee rewards. The respect and tireless support they have shown their own staff is a solid example of where the internal culture can impact on the external brand perception. The supermarkets have seen demand peak and they have experienced some of their highest sales.

5) Deliveroo
Its brand partnership with BP and Marks & Spencers was another example of a brand using marketing innovation to deliver a compelling and accessible service of basic essentials. Deliveroo founder Will Shu said: "At Deliveroo, we want to do everything possible to help people get the food they want and need during this worrying period. We hope we can play a role in supporting people who have to isolate to get the food they need, whether that's household items or restaurant food." The result- Deliveroo is the only brand that has continued to operate during the Coronavirus and in Hong Kong its lunch orders were up 100%.

In all of these examples, there is a common thread at the heart of each strategy. They have stayed to true to their brand values and understand the value and the role they play in their customers lives. They also demonstrate the role that marketing innovation can play in helping companies navigate difficult waters and stay relevant.