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Every marketing person or communications professional will know that what you read says a lot about you. In PR you have to love the media. You need to consume it and take your cues from it. In Marketing you need to read to broaden your mind and develop your creativity.

When I first started in London my Account Director used to tell me "no matter what you read or watch, you always need to think how you can get your client featured". At the time I thought how on earth can this be possible? I do the PR for a network monitoring company... its wires, technology, boring stuff that only nerds are interested in... no national journalist is going to be interested in this. Three weeks later, a major security crisis hits one of the top banking institutions and guess what- I'm hosting a briefing with The Times.

It helps every marketeer understand how to write, formulate thoughts and be inspired to deliver good creative ideas. So here are my go-to marketing reads, probably not of all time, but it's a good starting point.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
A magical myriad of thoughts, wonder and journey. It is so captivating and visually inspiring that it will leave you with ideas popping so you're never late for the next agency brainstorm. An ideal book if you need to hone your creative skills.

Wally Ollins: The Brand Handbook
The Godfather of Brand. This is my bible and one I recommend to any of my clients or those marketeers who needs to understand the power of brand. It arms you with practical advice on how you can develop a brand which resonates and have relevance.

A 24/7 world where you need to keep up to date with all news, globally, regionally, locally and nationally. No other news service covers the vast depth of stories from around the world or delivers so much local coverage. It shows you how to write for news, help you understand what it means to create news worthy content, and can be used as a good spell checker!

Forbes Magazine
Offers such a broad range of topics from VR to skin care . It offers business related content blended with personality led features. I've lost count of the amount of times I've used this site to get stats and facts on trends. Good quality writing which strikes the right the balance between its printed, more formal voice and it's short form, pacey online tone. Plus its Quote of the Day will always give you a pep-up.

The Great BIG Art Book
Take your cues from some of the world's most influential creators. Purveyors of fine art to ecclecctic modernism. It's an ideal book to help you understand how colours are mixed and complemented, and you develop an eye for detail.